Peterborough Show April 2019


Peterborough show is not renowned for dry weather!


7 vans were due to arrive & it was dry!


Crowborough Spring 2019

IHOC Spring Meet 2019

John Holt, a thank you.

Ann has asked me to put the following message on the website:-

Oswestry Winter 2018

IHOC Winter Meet Oswestry 2018

The success of any IHOC Meet depends on three essentials, volunteer organisers, a good campsite location and enthusiastic participants. The Camping and Caravanning camp site at Oswestry had excellent facilities including a heated meeting room; the site was in an attractive setting with pleasant walks and cycle rides from site and it had nearby bus stops with regular buses every hour to nearby towns.

North Cape Adventure


 North Cape Adventure

 Ask yourself, why travel thousands miles to stand on top of the world.

Malvern Motorhome Show 2018

Malvern Rally  August 2018

          This year twentyfour IH vans plus a Burstner and a Hymer and their various occupants descended on the Three Counties Showground at Malvern for the Warner’s Western Motorhome Show.  Two other IH's were too late to park with the group but were very close by and it was lovely that the couples were able to join in with the activities and general fettling chit chat.  So in total I think there were at least five new couples attending for the first t

Spring Meet 2018 Stranraer

Spring in Sandhead

Winter Meet 2017

IHOC Winter Meet 2017

Thornton’s Holt campsite near Nottingham was the venue chosen for this year’s Winter Meet and it proved to be a good choice, the sites new facilities had just been completed, which were appreciated.